Starting at the young age of 4 ('72') on a Mickey Mouse trap kit, ( No, really! It had pictures of Mickey Mouse all over it ) it was the ever expected hitting of every available drum and cymbal kind of noise. This continued with a slight improvement over the next couple of years until Michael was watching The Smothers Brothers television program with his family. He witnessed something that would alter his life path forever. The musical guest for that night was none other than Alice Cooper performing "Unfinished Sweet". The music, the shock, the horror. Michael admits he remembers being a bit terrorfied at first, which rapidly turned into curiousity. By the end of the performance he was totally star struck. This was it! This is what he wanted to do with his life. ENTERTAIN! After that night, Michael listened to every type of music he could lay his hands on and would mimic the drum parts until they sounded like that on the record. This was his inspiration that eventually evolved into his passion.

Michael's parents saw that he was serious about the drums and enrolled him in lessons at a local music store where he was quickly introduced to basic rudiments. Lessons continued for awhile until the instructor told Michaels' mother there was nothing else he could teach him at his level. Lessons stopped and Michael went on to study all the drumming greats for that period through his parents massive, and electic vinyl collection. We're talking 50's, 60's, and the 70's.
What better era's of music to learn from than that! Swing, big band, jazz, country, blues and of course, rock and roll. 

Later on in his life during high school, is where his drumming started to accelerate. While in the 7th grade concert band, his music instructor took notice of his playing ability and quickly asked him to join the high school marching band. This was not your average football game and parade marching band. It was a Corp style unit that traveled many states in heavy competition. He was mentored by two members of the very elite and pro corp drumline, The Cavaliers.  Discipline was the key ingredient in a corp style band. The drumline is widely featured in the corp. and you had better know your chops and rudiments. Building on what he was taught during his years in the school band, Michael applied many of the same rudiments and disciplines to the drum set. To this day, he continues to practice rudimentary skills an hour a day to keep his hands in shape. 

Michael has performed in a wide field of genres. From country to thrash metal. His first live performance gig at the age of 11, was with a  country group called 'The Westerners' which ran for 5 years. A slew of rock cover bands followed along with a couple of original metal bands that recorded 2 pro albums that gained some attention in the European market.

Michaels current project is with Columbus, Ohio based rockers American Dog. They've shared the stage with, and along side some of the greatest bands and musicians. One of Michaels biggest highlights in his career was backing Derek St. Holmes of Ted Nugent fame for a solo concert in Ohio. "That concert was a fun and creative learning experience for me. Much respect for Derek as a musician and as a person."

Currently, Michael and American Dog are touring the United States in support of their 2014 release "Neanderthal" album in direct support for Tesla and plan on entering the studio late Winter to begin recording their next album.